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What's happening this season?  Winter

What's happening this season?


Come to the edges of roadsides to graze, especially after the council slasher has gone through so be wary, especially at dawn and dusk.


Slow down and drop your lights to low beam, and you'll find the animal will usually move away.



Move bird baths and portable watering points to areas where they will not freeze so that non-migratory birds can still get a drink.



Possums usually move house in winter, to a warmer or more sheltered position.



Echidnas roam in winter, looking for a nice warm, sheltered spot to spend the season.


If you find an echidna out for a stroll, do not relocate them as they may have young in a burrow close by.



Lizards and snakes slow down their metabolism for winter.


Do not disturb a reptile in winter as they will be extremely cranky.



Insectivorous bats go into a torpor for winter, a state where they essentially shut down their metabolism and bodily functions.


If you find a bat asleep for winter in jackets or coats, do not touch them.


Call a wildlife carer if they are in a place that is causing a problem.