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What's happening this season?  Autumn

What's happening this season?

Possums and Gliders

Glider young are put out of the family nest.

Brushtail possums give birth.



Fruit bats mate now to give birth in spring.



Bandicoot babies are out of the pouch.

Dingoes mate.

Wombats mate and have last year's babies at heel.

Quolls give birth. The first 6 babies to attached to a nipple will survive.

Koala males fight, bellow and scent their territory ready for mating in spring.



Brown antechinus young move out of home.



Honeyeater chicks are now starting to feed themselves.

Red wattle birds return to the Granite Belt.

Wedge-tailed eagle pairs perform pre-mating acrobatics

Butcher birds are bush feeding their hungry babies and getting them ready to leave home.

Channel-billed cuckoos and dollarbirds all elave to go back to Papua New Guinea.