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What's happening this season?  Summer

What's happening this season?

Possums and Gliders

Sugar Glider joeys have about another month in the nest, then they're off to start new nests of their own.



Kookaburras start digging out termite nests.

Kookaburras also start cleaning out last years nest ready for the breeding season.

Bee eaters and Dollar birds have come down from the North, nested and are now teaching their babies to survive in the wild before they head North again later.

Baby magpies are either being fed in the tree or on the ground, and are now having flight and manoeuvre lessons.

Eastern rosella babies are usually now out of their nest, but demanding feed.

Galah babies are very hungry and noisy now.



Male koalas are finishing their mating rounds so you will still hear the odd squeal from the his females in about a 1km radius.



Snakes, skinks and bearded dragons are well and truly out of winter hibernation and enjoying basking in the sun and soaking up the much needed heat.



Baby echidnas (puggles) are now 10cm long and getting very spikey, so Mum leaves them in the burrow. This is why it's important not to take echidnas out of their territory, as they may have a family hidden away.



Antechinus babies are out hunting with Mum, sometimes attached to her back, occasionally running alongside her