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Bats of the Granite Belt

Bats & Flying Foxes


Bats and flying foxes are flying mammals whose forelimbs have evolved into wings enabling them to truly fly.



Megabats of the Granite Belt include:

  • Pteropus poliocephalus - Grey-headed flying fox (V)
  • Pteropus scapulatus - Little red flying-fox (LC)


    Microbats of the Granite Belt include:


    Free-tailed bats

  • Tadarida australis - White-striped freetail bat (LC)
  • Bent-wing bats

  • Miniopteris australis - Little bentwing bat (C)
  • Miniopteris schreibersii oceanensis - Eastern bent-wing bat (LC)

    Broad-nosed bats

  • Scotorepens greyii - Little broad-nosed bat (LC)
  • Scotorepens orion - South-eastern broad-nosed bat/Eastern broad-nosed bat (LC)
  • Scoteanax rueppellii - Greater broad-nosed bat (LC)
  • Horseshoe bats

  • Rhinolopus megaphyllus - Eastern horseshoe bat (LC)

    Long-eared bats

  • Nyctophilus geoffroyi - Lesser long-eared bat (LC)
  • Nyctophilus gouldi - Gould's long-eared bat (LC)
  • Sheath-tailed bats

  • Saccolaimus flaviventris - Yellow-bellied sheathtail bat (LC)
  • Vespertilionid bats

  • Falsistrellus tasmaniensis - Eastern false pipistrelle (LC)
  • Myotis macropus - Large-footed myotis
  • Wattled bats

  • Chalinolobus morio - chocolate wattled bat (LC)
  • Chalinolobus gouldi - Gould's wattled bat (LC)
  • Chalinolobus dwyeri - Large-eared pied bat (V)
  • Forest vespadeluses

  • Vespadelus darlingtoni - Large forest bat (C)
  • Vespadelus pumilus - Eastern forest bat (LC)
  • Vespadelus regulus - Southern forest bat (C)
  • Vespadelus vulturnus - Little forest bat (LC)



    Key: (LC) - least concern, (C) - common, (E) - endangered, (V) - vulnerable

    Reference: Richards G and Hall L, 2012, A Natural History of Australian Bats: Working the Night Shift, CSIRO Publishing - via Dr Carol Booth, Qld Conservation Council


    Key to identifying bats in SE Queensland.

    Please click on the image above to download a copy of the "Key to Identifying Bats in SE QLD".


    Building a Microbat Nestbox - Source:  Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers

    Please click on the image above to download a copy of the factsheet "Building a Microbat Nestbox".

      Source:  Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers