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Birds of the Granite Belt

This list has been compiled by Glen Holmes ©  based on observations dating from 2007 to present day. This list is accurate as at May 2010.


Status Key:

R = resident, V = visitor, SV = summer visitor only (encompassing spring, summer and autumn)

Abundance Key:

S = scarce, MC = moderately common, A = abundant


Other Key:

** = naturalised exotic species


Family ACANTHIZIDAE (Australasian warblers - gerygones, thornbills, and scrubwrens)

Australasian warblers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Acanthiza apicalis - Inland thornbill (R) (S)
  • Acanthiza chrysorrhoa - Yellow-rumped thornbill (R) (A)
  • Acanthiza lineata - Striated thornbill (R) (A)
  • Acanthiza nana - Yellow thornbill (R) (A)
  • Acanthiza reguloides - Buff-rumped thornbill (R) (A)
  • Acanthiza pusilla - Brown thornbill (R) (A)
  • Aphelocephala leucoposis - Southern whiteface (R) (S)
  • Chthonicola sagittata - Speckled warbler (R) (MC)
  • Gerygone albogularis - White-throated gerygone (SV) (MC)
  • Gerygone fusca - Western gerygone (SV) (S)
  • Hylacola pyrrhopygia - Chestnut-rumped heathwren (R) (S)
  • Sericornis frontalis - White-browed scrubwren (R) (A)
  • Smicrornis brevirostris - Weebill (R) (A)

    Family ACCIPITRIDAE (Diurnal birds of prey)

    Diurnal pirds of prey of the Granite Belt include:

  • Accipiter cirrocephalus - Collared sparrowhawk (R) (S)
  • Accipiter fasciatus - Brown goshawk (R) (MC)
  • Accipiter novaehollandiae - Grey goshawk (R) (S)
  • Aquila audax - Wedge-tailed eagle (R) (MC)
  • Aviceda subcristata - Pacific baza (SV) (S)
  • Circus assimilis - Spotted harrier (V) (S)
  • Elanus axillaris - Black-shouldered kite (V) (S)
  • Haliastur sphenuris - Whistling kite (R) (S)
  • Haliaeetus leucogaster - White-bellied sea-eagle (R) (S)
  • Hieraaetus morphnoides - Little eagle (R) (MC)

    Family ACROCEPHALIDAE (Marsh- and Tree-warblers or Acrocephalid warblers)

    Acrocephalid warblers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Acrocephalus australis - Australian reed-warbler (SV) (MC)

    Family AEGOTHELIDAE (Owlet-nightjars)

    Owlet-nightjars of the Granite Belt include:

  • Aegotheles cristatus - Australian owlet-nightjar (R) (MC)

    Family ALAUDIDAE (Larks)

    Larks of the Granite Belt include:

  • Mirafra javanica - Horsfield's bushlark (SV) (S)

    Family ALCEDINIDAE (River kingfishers)

    River kingfishers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Ceyx azureus - Azure kingfisher (R) (S)

    Family ANATIDAE (Ducks, Geese and Swans)

    Anadids of the Granite Belt include:

  • Anas gracilis - Grey teal (R) (V) (MC)
  • Anas rhynchotis - Australasian shoveler (R) (MC)
  • Anas superciliosa - Pacific black duck (R) (A)
  • Aythya australis - Hardhead (V) (MC)
  • Biziura lobata - Musk duck (R) (S)
  • Chenonetta jubata - Australian wood duck (R) (A)
  • Cygnus atratus - Black swan (R) (MC)
  • Dendrocygna eytoni - Plumed whistling-duck (V) (S)
  • Malacorhynchus membranaceus - Pink-eared duck (V) (S)
  • Oxyura australis - Blue-billed duck (R) (S)

    Family ANHINGIDAE (Darters or Snakebirds)

    Darters of the Granite Belt include:

  • Anhinga novaehollandiae - Australasian darter (R) (V) (MC)

    Family APODIDAE (Swifts)

    Swifts of the Granite Belt include:

  • Hirundapus caudacutus - White-throated needletail (SV) (S)

    Family ARDEIDAE (Herons)

    Herons of the Granite Belt include:

  • Ardea coromanda - Eastern cattle egret (SV) (S)
  • Ardea intermedia - Intermediate egret (V) (S)
  • Ardea modesta - Eastern great egret (V) (S)
  • Ardea pacifica - White-necked heron (V) (MC)
  • Egretta garzetta - Little egret (V) (S)
  • Egretta novaehollandiae - White-faced heron (R) (MC)
  • Nycticorax caledonicus - Nankeen night-heron (SV) (S)

    Family ARTAMIDAE (Crow-like birds eg Woodswallows, Butcherbirds, Magpie and Currawongs)

    Crow-like birds of the Granite Belt include:

  • Artamus cyanopterus - Dusky woodswallow (SV) (MC)
  • Artamus leucorynchus - White-breasted woodswallow (SV) (S)
  • Artamus minor - Little woodswallow (SV) (S)
  • Artamus personatus - Masked woodswallow (SV) (S)
  • Artamus superciliosus - White-browed woodswallow (SV) (S)
  • Cracticus nigrogularis - Pied butcherbird (R) (A)
  • Cracticus tibicen - Australian magpie (R) (A)
  • Cracticus torquatus - Grey butcherbird (R) (A)
  • Strepera graculina - Pied currawong (R) (A)

    Family CACATUIDAE (Cockatoos)

    Cockatoos of the Granite Belt include:

  • Cacatua galerita - Sulphur-crested cockatoo (R) (S)
  • Cacatua sanguinea - Little corella (V) (S/MC)
  • Calyptorhynchus funereus - Yellow-tailed black-cockatoo (R) (MC)
  • Calyptorhynchus lathami - Glossy black-cockatoo (R) (S)
  • Eolophus roseicapillus - Galah (R) (A)

    Family CAMPEPHAGIDAE (Cuckooshrikes and allies)

    Cuckooshrikes of the Granite Belt include:

  • Coracina maxima - Ground cuckooshrike (R) (S)
  • Coracina novaehollandiae - Black-faced cuckooshrike (R) (A)
  • Coracina papuensis - White-bellied cuckooshrike (SV) (S)
  • Coracina tenuirostris - Southern cicadabird (SV) (MC)
  • Lalage sueurii - White-winged triller (SV) (MC)

    Family CASUARIIDAE (Emus)

    Emus of the Granite Belt include:

  • Dromaius novaehollandiae - Emu (R) (S)

    Family CHARADRIIDAE (Plovers, Dotterels and Lapwings)

    Plovers, Dotterels and Lapwings of the Granite Belt include:

  • Erythrogonys cinctus - Red-kneed dotterel (V) (S)
  • Elseyornis melanops - Black-fronted dotterel (R) (V) (MC)
  • Pluvialis fulva - Pacific golden-plover (SV) (S)
  • Vanellus miles - Masked lapwing (R) (A)

    Family CISTICOLIDAE (Cisticolas)

    Cisticolas of the Granite Belt include:

  • Cisticola exilis - Golden-headed cisticola (R) (MC)

    Family CLIMACTERIDAE (Treecreepers)

    Treecreepers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Climacteris erythrops - Red-browed treecreeper (R) (A)
  • Climacteris picumnus - Brown treecreeper (R) (MC)
  • Cormobates leucophaea - White-throated treecreeper (R) (MC)


    Family COLUMBIDAE (Pigeons and Doves)

    Pigeons and Doves of the Granite Belt include:

  • Geopelia tranquilla - Peaceful dove (R) (MC)
  • Geopelia humeralis - Bar-shouldered dove (R) (MC)
  • Geophaps lophotes - Crested pigeon (R) (A)
  • Geophaps scripta - Squatter pigeon (R) (S)
  • Leucosarcia melanoleuca - Wonga pigeon (R) (S)
  • Phaps chalcoptera - Common bronzewing (R) (A)
  • **Streptopelia chinensis - Spotted dove (R) (S)

    Family CORACIIDAE (Rollers)

    Rollers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Eurystomus orientalis - Dollarbird (SV) (MC)

    Family CORCORACIDAE (Choughs and Apostlebirds)

    Choughs and Apostlebirds of the Granite Belt include:

  • Corcorax melanorhamphos - White-winged chough (R) (MC)
  • Stuthidea cinerea - Apostlebird (R) (MC)

    Family CORVIDAE (Songbirds)

    Songbirds of the Granite Belt include:

  • Corvus coronoides - Australian raven (R) (A)
  • Corvus orru - Torresian crow (R) (A)

    Family CUCULIDAE (Cuckoos)

    Cuckoos of the Granite Belt include:

  • Cacomantis flabelliformis - Fan-tailed cuckoo (R) (MC)
  • Cacomantis pallidus - Pallid cuckoo (SV) (S)
  • Cacomantis variolosus - Brush cuckoo (SV) (S)
  • Chalcites basalis - Horsfield's bronze-cuckoo (SV) (S)
  • Chalcites lucidus - Shining bronze-cuckoo (SV) (S)
  • Chalcites osculans - Black-eared cuckoo (SV) (S)
  • Eudynamys orientalis - Eastern Koel (SV) (S)
  • Scythrops novaehollandiae - Channel-billed cuckoo (SV) (S)

    Family DICRURIDAE (Drongos)

    Drongos of the Granite Belt include:

  • Dicrurus bracteatus - Spangled Drongo (SV) (S)

    Family ESTRILDIDAE (Finches and allies)

    Finches of the Granite Belt include:

  • Lonchura castaneothorax - Chestnut-breasted mannikin (SV) (S)
  • Neochmia temporalis - Red-browed finch (R) (MC)
  • Neochmia modesta - Plum-headed finch (V) (MC)
  • Stagonopleura guttata - Diamond firetail (R) (MC)
  • Taeniopygia bichenovii - Double-barred finch (R) (A)

    Family EUROSTOPODIDAE (Eared nightjars)

    Eared nightjars of the Granite Belt include:

  • Eurostopodus mystacalis - White-throated nightjar (SV) (S)

    Family FALCONIDAE (Falcons and Caracaras)

    Falcons and Caracaras of the Granite Belt include:

  • Falco berigora - Brown falcon (V) (S)
  • Falco cenchroides - Australian kestrel (R?) (MC)
  • Falco longipennis - Australian hobby (R) (S)
  • Falco peregrinus - Peregrine falcon (R) (S)
  • Falco subniger - Black falcon (R) (S)

    Family FRINGILLIDAE (True finches)

    True finches of the Granite Belt include:

  • **Carduelis carduelis - European goldfinch (R?) (S)

    Family HALCYONIDAE (Tree kingfishers)

    Tree kingfishers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Dacelo novaeguineae - Laughing kookaburra (R) (MC)
  • Todiramphus pyrrhopygius - Red-backed kingfisher (V) (S)
  • Todiramphus sanctus - Sacred kingfisher (SV) (MC)

    Family HIRUNDINIDAE (Swallows and Martins)

    Swallows and Martins of the Granite Belt include:

  • Cheramoeca leucosterna - White-backed swallow (R?) (S)
  • Hirundo neoxena - Welcome swallow (R) (A)
  • Falco peregrinus - Peregrine falcon (R) (S)
  • Petrochelidon nigricans - Tree martin (SV?) (MC)
  • Petrochelidon ariel - Fairy martin (SV) (MC)

    Family JACANIDAE (Jacanas)

  • Jacanas of the Granite Belt include:
  • Irediparra gallinacea - Comb-crested jacana (V) (S)

    Family LARIDAE (Gulls)

    Gulls of the Granite Belt include:

  • Chidonias hybridus - Whiskered Tern (V) (S)
  • Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae - Silver gull (R) (S)


    Family MALURIDAE (Fairywrens)

    Fairywrens of the Granite Belt include:

  • Malurus cyaneus - Surperb fairywren (R) (A)
  • Malurus lamberti - Variegated fairywren (R) (MC)

    Family MEGALURIDAE (Grassbirds)

    Grassbirds of the Granite Belt include:

  • Megalurus gramineus - Little grassbird (R) (S)
  • Megalurus timoriensis - Tawny grassbird (V) (S)
  • Cincloramphus cruralis - Brown songlark (V) (S)
  • Cincloramphus mathewsi - Rufous songlark (SV) (A)

    Family MEGAPODIIDAE (Mound builders and Brush turkeys)

    Megapods of the Granite Belt include:

  • Alectura lathami - Australian brush-turkey (R) (S)

    Family MELIPHAGIDAE (Honeyeaters)

    Honeyeaters of the Granite Belt include:

  • Acanthagenys rufogularis - Spiny-cheeked honeyeater (R?) (MC)
  • Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris - Eastern spinebill (R) (MC)
  • Anthochaera carunculata - Red wattlebird (R) (MC)
  • Entomyzon cyanotis - Blue-faced honeyeater (R) (MC)
  • Lichenostomus chrysops - Yellow-faced honeyeater (R) (A)
  • Lichenostomus leucotis - White-eared honeyeater (R) (A)
  • Lichenostomus melanops - Yellow-tufted honeyeater (R) (A)
  • Lichenostomus fuscus - Fuscous honeyeater (R) (A)
  • Lichenostomus penicillatus - White-plumed honeyeater (R) (A)
  • Lichmera indistincta - Brown honeyeater (R?) (MC)
  • Manorina flavigula - Yellow-throated miner (V) (S)
  • Manorina melanocephala - Noisy miner (V) (S)
  • Melithreptus lunatus - White-naped honeyeater (R) (A)
  • Melithreptus gularis - Black-chinned honeyeater (R) (S)
  • Melithreptus brevirostris - Brown-headed honeyeater (R) (MC)
  • Myzomela sanguinolenta - Scarlet honeyeater (V) (S)
  • Philemon citreogularis - Little friarbird (R) (V) (MC)
  • Philemon corniculatus - Noisy friarbird (R) (V) (A)
  • Phylidonyris novaehollandiae - New Holland honeyeater (R) (MC)
  • Plectorhyncha lanceolata - Striped honeyeater (R) (MC)

    Family MENURIDAE (Lyrebirds)

    Lyrebirds of the Granite Belt include:

  • Menura novaehollandiae - Surperb lyrebird (R) (MC)

    Family MEROPIDAE (Bee-eaters)

    Bee-eaters of the Granite Belt include:

  • Merops ornatus - Rainbow bee-eater (SV) (S)

    Family MONARCHIDAE (Flycatchers)

    Flycatchers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Grallina cyanoleuca - Magpie-lark (R) (A)
  • Myiagra cyanoleuca - Satin flycatcher (SV) (S)
  • Myiagra inquieta - Restless flycatcher (R) (MC)
  • Myiagra rubecula - Leaden flycatcher (SV) (MC)

    Family MOTACILLIDAE (Pipits and Wagtails)

    Pipits and Wagtails of the Granite Belt include:

  • Anthus australis - Australian Pipit (R?) (MC)

    Family NECTARINIIDAE (Sunbirds, Spider hunters and Flower peckers)

    Sunbirds, Spider hunters and Flowerpeckers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Dicaeum hirundinaceum - Mistletoebird (R) (MC)

    Family NEOSITTIDAE (Sittellas)

    Sittellas of the Granite Belt include:

  • Daphoenositta chrysoptera - Varied sittella (R) (MC)

    Family ORIOLIDAE (Orioles)

    Orioles of the Granite Belt include:

  • Oriolus sagittatus - Olive-backed oriole (V) (MC)
  • Sphecotheres vielloti - Australasian figbird (V) (S)

    Family PACHYCEPHALIDAE (Whistlers)

    Whistlers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Colluricincla harmonica - Grey shrike-thrush (R) (A)
  • Falcunculus frontatus - Crested shrike-tit (R) (MC)
  • Pachycephala pectoralis - Golden whistler (R?) (MC)
  • Pachycephala rufiventris - Rufous whistler (SV) (A)

    Family PARDALOTIDAE (Pardalotes)

    Pardalotes of the Granite Belt include:

  • Pardalotus punctatus - Spotted pardalote (R) (A)
  • Partalotus striatus - Striated pardalote (R) (A)

    Family PASSERIDAE (Sparrows)

    Sparrows of the Granite Belt include:

  • **Passer domesticus - House sparrow (R) (A)

    Family PELECANIDAE (Pelicans)

    Pelicans of the Granite Belt include:

  • Pelecanus conspicillatus - Australian pelican (V) (S) (MC)

    Family PETROICIDAE (Australasian robins)

    Australasian robins of the Granite Belt include:

  • Eopsaltria australis - Eastern yellow robin (R) (A)
  • Melanodryas cucullata - Hooded robin (R) (MC)
  • Microeca fascinans - Jacky-winter (R) (A)
  • Petroica boodang - Scarlet robin (R) (MC)
  • Petroica goodenovii - Red-capped robin (R) (S)
  • Petroica phoenicea - Flame robin (R?) (S)
  • Petroica rosea - Rose robin (V) (S)

    Family PHALACROCORACIDAE (Cormorants)

    Cormorants of the Granite Belt include:

  • Microcarbo melanoleucos - Little pied cormorant (R) (A)
  • Phalacrocorax carbo - Great cormorant (V) (S)
  • Plalacrocorax sulcirostris - Little black cormorant (V) (MC)
  • Phalacrocorax varius - Pied cormorant (V) (MC)

    Family PHASIANIDAE (Phesants and Partridges)

    Pheasants and Partridges of the Granite Belt include:

  • Coturnix pectoralis - Stubble quail (SV) (S)
  • Coturnix ypsilophora - Brown quail (R?) (MC)

    Family PODARGIDAE (Frogmouths)

    Frogmouths of the Granite Belt include:

  • Podargus strigoides - Tawny frogmouth (R) (MC)

    Family PODICIPEDIDAE (Grebes)

    Grebes of the Granite Belt include:

  • Podiceps cristatus - Great crested grebe (R) (MC)
  • Poliocephalus poliocephalus - Hoary-headed grebe (V) (S)
  • Tachybaptus novaehollandiae - Australasian grebe (R) (A)

    Family POMATOSTOMIDAE (Pseudo-babblers)

    Pseudo-babblers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Pomatostomus superciliosus - White-browed babbler (R) (MC)
  • Pomatostomus temporalis - Grey-crowned babbler (R) (MC)

    Family PSITTACIDAE (True parrots)

    True parrots of the Granite Belt include:

  • Alisterus scapularis - Australian king-parrot (R) (MC)
  • Aprosmictus erythropterus - Red-winged parrot (R) (MC)
  • Glossopsitta concinna - Musk lorikeet (V) (MC)
  • Glossopsitta pusilla - Little lorikeet (R?) (MC)
  • Platycercus adscitus - Pale-headed rosella (R) (A)
  • Platycercus elegans - Crimson rosella (R) (A)
  • Platycercus eximius - Eastern rosella (R) (A)
  • Psephotus haematonotus - Red-rumped parrot (R) (A)
  • Neophema pulchella - Turquoise parrot (R) (MC)
  • Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus - Scaly-breasted lorikeet (R?) (MC)
  • Trichoglossus haematodus - Rainbow lorikeet (R?) (MC)

    Family PSOPHODIDAE (Whip birds and allies)

    Whip birds of the Granite Belt include:

  • Cinclosoma punctatum - Spotted quail-thrush (R) (MC)
  • Psophodes olivaceus - Eastern whipbird (R) (S)

    Family PTILONORHYNCHIDAE (Bowerbirds)

    Bowerbirds of the Granite Belt include:

  • Ptilonorhynchus maculatus - Spotted bowerbird (R?) (S)
  • Ptilonorhynchus violaceus - Satin Bowerbird (R) (MC)

    Family RALLIDAE (Rails)

    Rails of the Granite Belt include:

  • Fulica australis - Australian coot (R) (V) (A)
  • Gallinula tenebrosa - Dusky moorhen (R) (MC)
  • Gallinula ventralis - Black-tailed native hen (SV?) (S)
  • Gallirallus philippensis - Buff-banded rail (SV?) (S)
  • Porphyrio porphyrio - Purple swamphen (R) (S)

    Family RECURVIROSTRIDAE (Stilts and Avocets)

    Stilts and Avocets of the Granite Belt include:

  • Himantopus leucocephalus - White-headed stilt (V) (S)

    Family RHIPIDURIDAE (Fantails)

    Fantails of the Granite Belt include:

  • Rhipidura albiscapa - Grey fantail (R) (A)
  • Rhipidura leucophrys - Willie-wagtail (R) (A)
  • Rhipidura rufifrons - Rufous fantail (SV) (S)

    Family ROSTRATULIDAE (Painted snipes)

    Painted snipes of the Granite Belt include:

  • Rostratula australis - Australian painted-snipe (V) (S)

    Family SCOLOPACIDAE (Sand pipers)

    Sand pipers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Calidris acuminata - Sharp-tailed sandpiper (SV) (S)
  • Galliinago hardwickii - Latham's snipe (SV) (MC)

    Family STRIGIDAE (True owls)

    True owls of the Granite Belt include:

  • Ninox connivens - Barking owl (R) (S)
  • Ninox novaeseelandiae (boobook) - Southern boobook (R) (S)
  • Ninox strenua - Powerful owl (R) (S)


    Family STURNIDAE (Starlings and Mynas)

    Starlings and Mynas of the Granite Belt include:

  • **Sturnus tristis - Common myna (SV) (S)
  • **Sturnus vulgaris - Common starling (R) (A)

    Family THRESKIORNITHIDAE (Ibises and Spoonbills)

    Ibises and Spoonbills of the Granite Belt include:

  • Platalea flavipes - Yellow-billed spoonbill (V) (S)
  • Platalea regia - Royal spoonbill (V) (S)
  • Plegadis falcinellus - Glossy ibis (SV) (S)
  • Threskiornis molucca - Australian white ibis (V) (MC)
  • Threskiornis spinicollis - Straw-necked ibis (V) (A)

    Family TIMALIIDAE (Babblers)

    Babblers of the Granite Belt include:

  • Zosterops lateralis - Silvereye (R) (A)

    Family TURDIDAE (Thrushes)

    Thrushes of the Granite Belt include:

  • **Turdis merula - Eurasian blackbird (R) (MC)

    Family TURNICIDAE (Buttonquails)

    Buttonquails of the Granite Belt include:

  • Turnix pyrrhothorax - Red-chested buttonquail (V) (S)
  • Turnix varia - Painted buttonquail (R) (MC)
  • Turnix velox - Little buttonquail (V) (S)

    Family TYTONIDAE (Barn owls)

    Barn owls of the Granite Belt include:

  • Tyto javanica - Eastern barn owl (V) (S)

    Source: Glen Holmes, Stanthorpe (used with permission)

    Reference: Christidis, L. and Boles,W.E., 2008, Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds, CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia







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