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Rescuing Bats


Does the Bat need rescuing?


Signs that a bat is in trouble are:

  • If it is obviously suffering injury or disease.
  • If it is on its own during the day, especially if on, or near the ground.
  • If it is a baby bat on the ground as they cannot fly yet.


    Rescuing a Bat
  • Without touching the bat, you could cover the bat with a container such as a washing basket or cardboard box.
  • This will prevent the animal from injuring itself further, and to protect it from the sun, whilst waiting for the carer to arrive.
  • Restrain domestic pets and keep children away.
  • Do not approach or handle the bat yourself, contact a wildlife carer.

    Relocating a Bat

  • If a bat is found residing in an odd place (eg: outside in a shoe or amongst coats or jackets), without touching the animal and whilst wearing appropriate gloves, you can attempt to gather it up in a tea towel and hang the towel in a tree or the clothes line.

  • The bat should fly away overnight.


    Contact details for Bat Rescues

  • Granite Belt Wildlife Carers have two members who have been vaccinated against Lyssa virus and may be able to attempt a bat rescue.

  • If unavailable, contact Gabriele Friebe from Bats Qld on 07 4697 5177.

  • Ensure you leave a message and a return phone number.


    Bats and Disease


    This information is provided by Bats Qld, on behalf of Bat Care Brisbane. Used with permission.


    Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABL) is rare, not all bats have the virus. Less than 0.5% of the population of free-living bats Australia-wide may have the virus. The virus may be transmitted by a deep bite into nerve tissue or a deep scratch from an infected animal. Any wild animal in pain or frightened is more likely to bite.




    If you are bitten or scratched by a bat, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water for a least 5 minutes. Inform your local doctor as soon as possible. Also please inform the rescuer as the bat will have to be euthanased so it can be tested for ABL. So please do not try to help sick or injured animals yourself.