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What's happening this season?  Spring

What's happening this season?


Male echidnas are searching out females. The females start making milk and developing their pouch. She then lays one soft shelled egg, which takes approximately 10 days to hatch. The puggle stays in the pouch for 45-55 days and suckles until it is 6 months old.



Koala young move onto Mum's back.



Rosellas start their breeding season.

Pee wees start building their mud nests.

Kookaburras start nesting and lay 2 eggs.

Koels start returning home from Papua New Guinea, looking for a suitable nest to lay their eggs.

Pardalotes start burrowing to make their nests.



Brown antechinus made and shortly after the males die. The females are left to raise the young.



Ringtail possums have to change 'houses' if they had built their summer dray in a deciduous tree. Now they have no protection once the leaves have dropped.