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    At last, a wildlife caring organisation right here in the heart of Stanthorpe!  Here you can find out all about what we do, where we go, what animals we care for, how we can help you become a carer and most of all how we can help find out more information and appreciate the range of native animals that are unique to the Australian way of life.

    Use this site to find out about...

    Rescuing wildlife including birds, macropods, possums, koalas, echidnas, amphibians, reptiles & bats...

    What animals you are likely to find on the Granite Belt...
    What's happening this season in the world of wildlife?
    When is our next fundraising activity?
    How can I become a member?

    and so much more...

    Nothing is more satisfying...


    rescuing a 300g pink, furless joey, seeing it grow up to join a wild mob of kangaroos and then bring home a joey of its own


    piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of a broken tortoise shell, and then seeing it swim away to a safe haven in your dam


    untangling a laughing kookaburra from a barbed wire fence, tending to it's wounds and releasing it under the watchful eyes of it's mates so he can laugh again another day


    picking up a baby bird, fallen from it's nest, put him back and watch mum and dad feed it again


    taking an adult koala with weepy eyes to the vet for antibiotics, and then three weeks later, eyes clear, releasing him back in his territory


    You can help us achieve all this and more....



2018 Membership Fees are now due!


Please renew your membership today to help us continue our work to rescue, care for and rehabilitate orphaned, injured and sick native wildlife.  Your membership can be renewed by contacting Betty Balch.

Membership Fees:

Single:  $20.00     Couple:  $25.00

Family:  $25.00

Junior (<18yrs):  $5.00

 (must be accompanied by an adult membership

Compulsory Food Levy:  $5.00

 (this levy assists with our rapidly increasing animal food costs)


Payment Methods:

Direct Deposit to:

BSB:  638 070

Account:  1076 6189

Account Name:  Granite Belt Wildlife Carers Inc

Reference:  MS [YOUR SURNAME]


OR Cheque made payable to Granite Belt Wildlife Carers Inc and returned by post to:

The Treasurer, Granite Belt Wildlife Carers Inc., PO Box 560, Stanthorpe 4380.

Please include a note indicating your name and membership renewal details.


If you are considering becoming a member of Granite Belt Wildlife Carers, click here for further information.







Granite Belt Wildlife Carers Inc. usually meets every second Sunday of every second month. 


Click HERE for details...







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